CONCEPTUAL Mathematically natural forms.

What happens if any architect create an image in seconds and use it as concept for the next project or any kind of architectural object? This question always puzzles my mind. Digital media and architecture…Happy or sad story?

Every image which architect “take serious” is a new rabbit hole that goes to the galleries of unknown times of unknown playgrounds of new games. Risky and it costs time. How can we use the time more efficiently, how can we give importance to the times we are using in the sake of architecture, this is the puzzling thing about usage of images as conceptual tools. Does it worth thinking or just send it to trashcan? Values and meanings we give to the images. And the rest of the world who gives any importance to the image you created in 1 minute. What if you create an architectural object ┬áin relatively short or lets say very fast? Consider you have finished all drawings with application projects etc in couple of days. Your project is completely relevant and worths to be build lets say…

Buildings we are talking about here…Why are the buildings important for people? Why should they care about the concepts or why they would care about how fast they have created. What if all buildings would be chosen from catalogs as we choose t-shirts or maybe we choose lifespans like we choose hamburger menus. Your life-coach and who designed your life for you, they would choose where you will live in coming 5 years. and they would decide where you will live. If you become the product of the consumer society, and if you become the ideal product, they decide for you. They design your life, they use you, you consume, you choose from the menus, and you never notice that. This is the game.


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